Burglar Alarm Systems

During these uncertain times, it is more important than ever to protect your business premises with a high-quality commercial burglar alarm system.

Installing a modern, state-of-the-art burglar alarm system in your business premises is a must for every conscientious business owner these days. Burglar alarm systems help to prevent criminal theft of important and valuable assets from your business premises. But apart from this obvious advantage, burglar alarms also help to save you a lot of time and money.

No business owner wants to put their business at risk from theft, whether that criminal activity is well planned or completely opportunistic, if you can avoid it in the first place by having a good commercial burglar alarm system installed you can save yourself a lot of bother and added expense.

How commercial burglar alarms save you time and money

The nuisance of having to suffer downtime while your burglary is investigated and all stolen items catalogued, claimed for on your business insurance (if covered) and then re-installed so you can get up and running again can be very costly on both your time and productivity levels.

Rather than risk a dent in your bottom line and see your business insurance premiums suffer a huge spike in cost, it can be more cost-effective to avoid suffering from a burglary in the first place.

For opportunistic thieves or vandals looking for cheap thrills, the mere sight of an alarm system fixed to your premises can be all it takes to make these criminals move on and look elsewhere for their thrills.

Let’s take a look at seven ways having a commercial burglar alarm installed can save your business a lot of time and money:

1: Protects your business assets: If your business premises holds a lot of valuable tools, machinery, IT equipment and other assets, your burglar alarm system will act to negate or greatly reduce the incidence of theft of your business assets.

2: Real-Time alerts: Modern business burglar alarms can vary greatly from a simple bell sounding on break-in to systems that utilise modern technology to its greatest by feeding you real-time alerts via your mobile phone or email with live feeds and recorded activity that can help the police identify and catch the criminals.

3: Making you more mindful: Having a new burglar alarm system installed is a positive move because it makes you more aware of your safety and security. It can make you more mindful of following best practices with securing your business accounting and financial data and following current GDPR guidelines for looking after your sensitive data.

4: Creating a safer workplace for your staff: Your staff will feel safer and more secure knowing you have an effective burglar alarm system in place. Especially for staff working late into the evening after dark when most commercial burglaries take place.

5: Clarifying what is valuable/essential: Having a new burglar alarm system installed makes you focus on what are the most valuable or important business assets you possess. This can make you check your business insurance to ensure that your most valuable assets have the adequate cover should the worst happen.

6: Peace of mind while your premises is empty: Most commercial burglaries happen when businesses have either closed up for the day, at weekends, or during long closures during traditional holiday seasons, such as Christmas. Knowing you have an active alarm system operational during times of closure can allow your mind to rest.

7: Shows your responsibility: A business owner that has a modern commercial burglar alarm system in place shows the world that you are a serious business owner. It displays a level of responsibility and care for your business and your employees that could be vulnerable to risk from the threat of criminal thugs entering your business premises.

It pays you to get the best professional advice and guidance over the type of commercial business burglar alarm system you need for your particular business premises. Your choice of alarm system will depend on your workplace layout and the type of building you have.

Do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team of security experts at DRAM to discuss your burglar alarm needs. We are here to help!