CCTV Systems

CCTV can be an affective security measure against would be criminals. Not only does it act as a deterrent it can also help in the identification of a criminal.
DRAM Fire & Security can provide the design, installation and maintenance of CCTV security systems for your home. We provide a wide range of security cameras suitable for homes, shops, offices, warehouses and businesses, fully installed at a competitive price.

Analogue vs HD vs IP

There has been a massive growth in CCTV technology since the first camera systems installed in the early 1940s. These days you have so many options and decisions to make on getting the right system for your home or business and it can all be a bit misleading. So with this in mind we have put together an overview of what each technology is about and its strenghs and weaknesses.


Analogue CCTV was first installed by Sienmans and was used by the US military to monitor the launch of rockets. Fast forward to the 70s and the technology to record to VCR made CCTV an option for businesses to install. Analogue cameras record in a resolution called TVL (television lines) with the maximum being 700TVL.


HD systems over the recent years have become more affordable for both businesses and home users. A 1080p HD image can give you 20 times more resolution per image than an analogue CIF format. We measure these images in megapixels, a 1080p camera will give out 2.1 mega pixels.


Although IP cameras have been around for many years, they have only recently become popular with installers. IP technology can currently go anywhere up to a massive 10 megapixels per camera! These installations are popular with businesses as they can be integrated into their existing networks.

Take a look at some of our analogue and HD system mages below.



What you get

All of our CCTV kits can be customized for different properties. Installations are carried out by our experienced engineers and are fully guaranteed. All systems come with free internet connection allowing the home or business to view the cameras over the internet or on an IOS/Android Smartphone.

  • Full professional installation provided
  • View your cameras via your smart phone or tablet

  • Bespoke systems to meet your needs

  • Email alerts when away from home

  • Free Support & Training

  • 2 year parts warranty on all Kit

  • Help & Advice

  • Free site survey and Quotations

Camera Types

Dome Camera
Box Camera
Covert Camera
Bullet Camera
PTZ Camera
Eyeball Camera