Fire & Security CCTV Systems in South London

Having CCTV installed can be a very effective security measure against protecting your property from criminals and opportunistic thieves. A good CCTV system can not only act as a visible deterrent, but it can also help out in the event of a crime, such as a break in or theft from your property, by catching criminals in the act, leading to easier identification.

DRAM Fire & Security can provide the design, installation and maintenance of your specialised CCTV security systems for your commercial property, business premises or your residential home. We provide a wide range of security cameras in different sizes that are suitable for fitting in homes, shops, offices, warehouses and businesses, all fully installed at very competitive prices when compared to other service providers in South London.

What sort of CCTV System do I need?

Today you can choose from more than one sort of CCTV system. You should decide on one that is best suited to your needs and this could be either analogue, HD or IP for example. Believe it or not, but CCTV has been around since the 1940s, but thankfully technology has moved on in leaps and bounds since then! These days you choice should be based on your requirements and we are sure we can provide you with the perfect fit for your needs. Here is a simple breakdown of each type of CCTV system we provide so you can get a good overview about each one:


Analogue CCTV technology has been around the longest and has been perfected over the years. Analogue cameras record in a resolution called TVL (television lines) with the maximum being 700TVL.


Over recent years HD CCTV has become much more affordable for both businesses and residential users. A 1080p HD image can give you 20 times more resolution per image than an analogue CIF format. So if you want something that gives you a crisp picture for identification purposes, then this would be a good choice. We measure these images in megapixels, a 1080p camera will give out 2.1 mega pixels.


IP cameras have been around for a good few years, but they have only recently become popular with installers. IP CCTV is a great idea for a premises that already has an existing network as it can be easily integrated with what is already there. IP technology can currently go anywhere up to a massive 10 megapixels per camera.

DRAM Customization

DRAM Fire & Security CCTV systems can be easily customised to fit different property types. Our fully qualified and experienced installation engineers will be able to quickly and efficiently install your new CCTV system and all our work is fully guaranteed.

Why not give us a call today or drop us an email to discuss your requirements. Our friendly customer service team will be happy to advise you about your CCTV options, including more specific details about each system and which one would best suit your needs.

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