Fire Alarm Maintenance With DRAM Fire & Security

The only way to reduce the number of false fire alarms being triggered on your premises is to have a regular fire alarm maintenance schedule. Regular inspection and servicing of your fire safety equipment can also help to extend and maximise the component life span of your system and drastically bring down the number of false fire alarms.

You may wonder what causes false alarms within fire alarm and detection systems. The reasons can be many depending on your working environment and the conditions under which your fire alarms and sensors are working. Quite simply, having a properly designed, installed and maintained fire detection system will prevent you from having any false fire alarms.

It is often the mismanagement of fire alarm systems through having incorrect equipment installed or placed in the wrong area than can lead to most false alarm triggers. This is especially true when a business moves into a different property and inherits an existing system that does not meet the needs of your particular set up.

False fire alarms are both annoying and costly. Time is money with any business, and here are just some of the reasons why ignoring the issue can cost your company dearly:

  • Disruption to your daily routine due to staff evacuation
  • Increased insurance premiums resulting from a high number of false alarms
  • Lost production time while staff are vacant from the premises
  • Possible future risk of being charged for attendance call-outs by fire and rescue services
  • Unnecessary time wasting of retained emergency firefighters

Having a modern and properly maintained fire security system installed by DRAM fire & Security will rarely suffer from false fire alarms. It is estimated that false alarms cost the UK economy more than £1 billion each and every year! Most of those expenses will fall at the feet of the business owner in lost production times and reduced turnover as well as increased insurance bills.

Cutting down on False Fire Alarms

The Fire Industry Association (FIA) in recent years has been running a campaign to cut false alarms. This has been run as part of an ongoing attempt to highlight the high level of costs associated with false alarms. Taking steps to reduce the number of false fire alarms within your business can save you a lot of money, For more information about the FIA campaign, visit:

Having an ongoing fire alarm maintenance contract with a trusted, well-established company such as DRAM Fire & Safety will enable you to have your alarms tested and maintained through a regular on-site inspection.

We cover most manufacturers and types of fire alarm equipment, and can supply and install replacement fire safety equipment as and when needed. Faulty or malfunctioning equipment is often the cause of false fire alarms, so having a professional inspection conducted will enable us to detect, repair or replace any components that may be causing you issues with false alarms.

We can also ensure that your member(s) of staff responsible for fire safety on your premises receives instructions and demonstrations on fire panel operation while we are attending to perform any maintenance work.

DRAM Fire & Security are able to offer you fully cost controlled inspection, testing and maintenance services according to your needs. We will never undertake any extra work without your consent. We offer our clients a year-round service of support and care as well as helpful advice about upgrading or extending your existing fire security system.