Wireless burglar alarms

When you are looking at having a home burglar alarm system installed in your London home, there are great benefits to be had by choosing a wireless burglar alarm.

A hard-wired burglar alarm system can be perfectly adequate for business premises where concerns over the building décor aren’t such an important element. Having exposed alarm wiring on display that runs along the length of internal walls within a workshop or office setting isn’t such a big deal to the people that work there.

However, when it comes to your home the last thing you want to have are ugly, exposed wires ruining the look and feel of your home. Wireless alarm systems are also a much better option should your home be listed or contain beautiful decorative features such as plaster coving that draws the eye.

The benefits of wireless burglar alarms

Instead of hard wiring to carry a signal, wireless burglar alarms use battery-powered sensors that are positioned around your home that communicate with a central control panel using radio signals.

The most obvious benefit to a wireless alarm over a more traditional wired system is that they look much better and are much more easy to install. Your installer will not need to drill lots of holes into your walls to secure metres of connecting wires, so there is less damage done to your décor.

Better flexibility and versatility

Wireless alarm systems are ideal for homes with unusual layouts because we can add additional sensors where radio waves need to go around corners. Should you add a building extension or plan to remodel your home or change the layout, your wireless system will be completely adaptable to your changes whereas a wired system will cause extra work with wires needing to be removed and replaced.

Should you decide to move home, then you can easily remove your wireless alarm system and take it with you to your new home. Removing your wireless system will be a lot less difficult than removing a hard-wired system.

Are there any extra costs involved with a wireless system?

The costs associated with your wireless alarm system may vary according to the size and layout of your home. Sometimes your system will be surprisingly affordable because you don’t need to factor in the extra costs of the wiring and fixing to hold the wires in place, as well as the fact that your installation costs may be lower because it will take less time to install a wireless system compared to a wired system.

Where the extra costs of maintaining a wireless alarm system factor are with the batteries needed to power all of the functional components. Without any hard wires to carry an electrical current your components, such as your sensors and control panel, will be fully battery-powered.

These batteries will need checking and replacing regularly to ensure that your alarm system is functioning to its maximum capabilities.

Find out more about our residential wireless burglar-alarm systems or contact our friendly team at DRAM for some sound advice and guidance about installing the right home burglar alarm for your London home.