Why you should choose DRAM for your Fire Safety Equipment Maintenance

You are fully responsible for ensuring your building premises meets with all current UK fire safety standards in your capacity as the owner of a commercial property. Whether you operate a business from your property yourself as an employer or occupier, or you are simply acting as a landlord of a non-domestic property, you will ultimately be responsible for the continued maintenance of your on-site fire safety equipment.

Fire Safety Equipment Maintenance

At DRAM Fire & Security, we completely understand the pressures put upon commercial business owners to not only make a running success of their business venture, but also to meet with and maintain all current UK health and safety and fire regulations.

As detailed in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, a ‘responsible person’ must be nominated to carry out a fire risk assessment to not only assess any potential fire hazards within your commercial building, but to also take any necessary steps and actions towards resolving or reducing any fire risks on-site, including the installation, testing and ongoing upkeep of fire safety equipment.

For the safety of your employee’s as well as yourself and your property, it is vitally important to keep fire safety equipment in perfect working order – failure to do so could result in some very serious consequences that could endanger the life of people.

Fire Safety Equipment Checks

This is where DRAM Fire & Security can step in. We can perform fire equipment safety checks on your behalf. By using our professional services, you will be rest assured that your building will be meeting with all fire safety legislation requirements, leaving you at peace to focus your energies on the important elements of growing your business.

We will ensure that your fire safety equipment is appropriate for your needs and is in full working order. We will also check that your equipment is in the best possible locations to be fully obvious and accessible in the event of a fire.

DRAM can check both your active and passive fire safety equipment on a regular basis to make sure there are no signs of wear and tear or damage. We will advise you of our recommendations to replace old or expired safety equipment that no longer meets with current regulations.

Depending on your individual needs, our equipment checks can include:

  • Fire alarm testing
  • Fire Doors: Ensuring fire doors are operating correctly
  • Emergency lighting systems
  • fire extinguishers
  • Any additional fire safety equipment testing needed, such as fire blankets or sprinkler systems

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

One of the most important pieces of your fire protection are your fire extinguishers. These are vital first-line methods of fire fighting within commercial and industrial premises. Fire extinguishers are extremely valuable as they can be a very effective way of tackling and extinguishing small fires before they get a chance to take hold and cause real damage to your building or become a risk to life.

DRAM can make sure that your fire extinguishers are frequently maintained and remain fully operational should you ever need to use them.