Fire Safety Equipment Servicing & Maintenance

Here at DRAM Fire & Security, we don’t want you to be put off by the cost of servicing and maintenance of your fire safety equipment. Having your commercial or industrial premised fitted with the correct fire protection equipment not only helps to protect your employee’s who work within your premises, but it also helps to protect your building from extensive fire damage.

Having a fire safety system installed is a great start, but looking after all of your individual pieces of fire protection equipment can seem like an onerous task. However, the safety of your building and the protection of those working within should never be ignored.

Cost-effective Fire Safety Maintenance

A lot of business owners are put off by the ongoing costs of servicing and maintenance of their fire safety equipment. What you must think about is, in the event of a real fire could you really rely on old fire extinguishers to do their job, or faulty smoke detectors failing to trigger an alarm that will evacuate your building safely?

Thinking that you can rely on old, faulty or poorly maintained fire safety equipment could end up costing you tens of thousands of pounds, and pose a potential life-threatening risk. Weigh this cost up compared with the low cost option of keeping your fire safety equipment serviced and up to date with a maintenance contract.

Maintaining your fire safety equipment with DRAM need not cost you as much as you think. Lets take a look at just two very essential pieces of safety equipment and why it is important to have them maintained.

Fire Alarms

Your fire alarm is a great early warning system that works to alert your building occupants to the possibility of a fire. Alerting everyone with a fire alarm helps them to safely evacuate the building and prevent any lives being put at risk from fire, or explosions or other risks caused by a fire breaking out. Fire alarms are legal requirements for commercial properties. Failing to maintain them can put both lives and property at risk.

Fire Extinguishers

Your first line of defence when fire breaks out, fire extinguishers are very useful for putting out small fires before they get a chance to take hold and cause more damage. Most fires can be extinguished while still in a controllable state by your own staff or fire officer within the building.

However, many people are unaware that there are different types of fire extinguisher suitable for different types of fires. The issue here is that some commercial premises may have the wrong type of fire extinguisher placed in an area. This is quite a common occurrence, especially when a business decides to re-plan and move around their internal structure to make better use of available space.

Quite often rooms and areas have a change of purpose, meaning that the fire risks associated with the new use may be completely different to what was there before. Offices and work areas can often be moved around without any thought towards also moving the appropriate fire safety equipment along with it.

A fire extinguisher meant for use on flammable liquids may not be suitable for use on an electrical fire and vice versa. Also, fire extinguishers have a habit of being neglected for years, meaning they can be subject to rust or corrosion. You don’t want to find out your extinguisher has turned into a dud at the very moment you need it.

DRAM Fire & Security can conduct a fire risk assessment of your premises, recommend, supply and fit all necessary fire safety equipment to meet all current UK fire safety regulations. We can also tailor make a cost-effective fire safety equipment service and maintenance contract with you so your commercial property and all your employee’s remain safe and protected at all times.