Fire alarm maintenance

To ensure you are compliant with all regulatory and legislative requirements, you need to make sure your premises is covered by an appropriate routine of fire alarm inspection, testing and maintenance.

At DRAM Fire & Security, we can provide you with a comprehensive service of fire alarm maintenance options that includes routine testing, inspection and replacement of damaged or malfunctioning essential fire safety equipment. We offer an emergency service to all new and existing customers, as well as a 24-7 call out service for our contracted customers.

All of our professional fire safety services are applied in accordance with current British Standard codes of practice by fully trained and competent Technicians. You know your business is in safe hands with DRAM. We are BAFE SP203-1 accredited in design, installation, commissioning, handover and maintenance.

Your Legal Requirements

As a commercial business owner and operator, it is a legal requirement for you to maintain the upkeep of your fire safety system through regular inspections, servicing, testing and maintenance. Besides having a legal obligation for the upkeep of your fire security system, it will also give you great peace of mind that your fire safety equipment will work exactly as it should when you need it the most.

The importance of regular servicing and maintenance of your fire alarm system cannot be understated. Lives could be put at risk as a consequence of ignoring your responsibilities, as well as the potential damage to your business. Having a non-functioning fire alarm system can also invalidate any business or buildings insurance policies you have taken out to cover your business.

If you are setting up a new business, or are looking to upgrade or overhaul your existing fire safety system, and would like to find out more about our fire alarm maintenance packages, do not hesitate to contact us at DRAM Fire & Security. We are here to help!

How often should I have my fire alarm system serviced?

How often you should have your fire alarm system tested will depend on the results of your company fire risk assessment. Your fire risk assessment will take into account the working environment you are operating within and the type of fire alarm system you have installed. There may be other factors that will affect how regularly your alarms are tested.

It is common practice that the recommended period of time between successive inspections should not exceed six months, so if your fire alarm systems are overdue an inspection, then make sure you book a fire alarm service as soon as possible to ensure the smooth and efficient running of your fire protection system. In addition, business owners need to test their fire alarm system on a weekly basis to ensure that you comply with the requirements of BS5839.

There are plenty of benefits to be gained from booking a regular fire alarm inspection and service. This will not only ensure your ongoing safety and that of your employees working on site, but it will mean that you continue to comply with your legal responsibilities. A fully functional fire alarm system will give your staff and visitors an early warning signal should a fire break out on your premises. This will ensure a safe and secure evacuation of all personnel and visitors from the premises.

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