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Fire Detection LondonHere at DRAM, we are often asked the question, “Have I forgotten anything?” when we are discussing a customers needs. Many people will have a good idea about what they need with regards to their fire safety equipment, however it is sometimes easy to overlook a few things.

Lets take a look at some things that you may not have considered when working out your fire protection needs, especially if you are trying to fix a budget for the work.

Fire Signage

There is mandatory signage that you should ensure is in place around your workplace. This includes fire action notices that list a number of instructions that the occupants of the building must follow in the event of a fire. If you have an older building it may be worth checking that any current signage in place is up to date, well displayed and in good condition.

Event Log Book

A log book is an essential way to keep track of all fire-related events. Once you have a fire protection system installed, all events should be documented in your log book with a date and time. You should include such events as your regular equipment service and maintenance appointments as well as record the times and dates of your weekly call point tests and any other system tests and fire drills.

Secure Key Holder

Although it is not a mandatory requirement to have a key holder, most alarm systems will have a few different keys, for example panel access or control, call point reset, etc. It can be very useful to have a fixed and secure key holder to store these.


Spare batteries are always a must! Most fire alarm panels do not come supplied with batteries when purchased off the shelf. Some customers prefer to use one brand of batteries over another, so in most cases it is left up to the customer to decide on and supply their own. When you have your fire protection system installed by DRAM, then you will know that we will leave you with a fully working system – batteries included!

Fire Cable & Clips

Unless you are going to choose a wireless fire protection system for your premises, you will need to factor in your fire cable and clips into your budget. All wired systems must be fitted according to BS5839 standards with fire rated cable which is rated at 30 minutes minimum. Fire cabling is available in different core diameters. You will need to check the requirements of your particular  panel to make sure you select cabling with the correct core diameter. You can choose to use cabling with a larger diameter, however you must never use cabling that is less than the minimum diameter needed for your panel.

If you want to discuss you individual fire protection needs with an expert, just give us a call or send us an email and one of our friendly team members will be happy to help you!


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