The importance of emergency lighting

Emergency LightningMaking sure you have adequate and fully functional emergency lighting are not usually the first thing that springs to mind when you are kitting out a business premises, or taking over a new one.

Many business owners fail to realise that such things as emergency exit signs and lighting systems need to be checked and upgraded, especially when moving into new premises. Building managers should also consider efficient emergency lighting fixtures and have them maintained to ensure a safe and smooth evacuation from the building.

The whole purpose of emergency-lighting is to provide a level of illumination to allow people to see clearly, avoid obstacles and move safely to the nearest exit during an event such as a fire. The lighting operates in emergency battery mode so when there is a power outage, or the mains power is cut to prevent further risks of accidents or fire, the lighting will be powered for long enough to enable the safe evacuation of the the buildings occupants.

So the next time you are considering an update to your lighting fixtures and fittings, spare a thought for your emergency lighting too –  after all, it is an essential component of your fire safety requirements.

DRAM can provide a comprehensive range of emergency lighting services including:

  • System design
  • Full installation
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Optional cost effective LED fittings

Your requirements will depend on the size, type and layout of your premises and what potential risks your occupants are exposed to. For example, you may be located on the first floor of a building that may need a combination of single, stand-alone escape lighting along with directional signs leading to a staircase or external fire escape.

For larger and more complex premises, you may need a more comprehensive lighting system installed where occupants may be led to different fire escapes depending on the areas they work within. This is particularly important if you use a basement with no natural daylight. There will be a need for fixed automatic escape lighting, especially where during a power outage the basement will be plunged into darkness.

For much larger premises such as warehouses and factory units, a very reliable system of emergency lighting would be the use of self-contained spotlights that can illuminate the safest path out of the building. These units are self-contained with a battery and switching mechanism that are set up to work automatically on a circuit should there be a mains power failure.

According to regulation BS 5266 all the following locations should be covered by emergency lighting in case normal lighting fails:

  • Above firefighting equipment
  • Above safety signs (if not photo luminescent)
  • At any change of floor level
  • At each exit door
  • At each final exit point
  • At fire alarm call point
  • At Intersections
  • Change of direction
  • On staircases

If you need any advice or guidance about your security lighting needs, we are here to help! You can contact us via our website or simply give us a call.