Fire Protection

Fire DetectionMany people believe that wireless fire alarms are the future. We at DRAM wholeheartedly agree that in many cases a wireless system can be the best option, especially if you are a home owner who is looking for a system with great flexibility along with easy installation.

There has been great advancements in wireless technology in recent years and this is only going to get better in the future. You only have to look at the swift change in computer and phone technology to see how people favour wireless devices over static wired options. Home owners can now have a fully comprehensive fire protection system fitted without having to install messy supporting cabling around their home.

Wireless Systems have been developed so well that they now have their own Product Standard code: EN54-25. Because of how reliable they have become, they are taking a much larger slice of the market from their wired counterparts. It is predicted that is will not be too long before wireless alarm systems will take over the market to become the dominant choice for consumers.

DRAM Fire and Security are specialist installers of wireless fire alarm systems. The cutting edge technology of our wireless systems will quickly and effectively detect smoke, fire and heat build-up within a building, alerting its occupants to the danger. You can read more about our fire detection equipment here and the different options we offer.

Benefits of a Wireless System

You may be wondering what benefits a wireless system has over a standard wired fire protection option. Well, apart from the obvious speedy installation when compared to a conventional system, there will be less mess created and there will be no ugly cables running around the walls of your home. Alarm wiring in the workplace may not be so much of your concern, but when it comes to your own home, you will want to keep it looking neat and tidy with as little damage to your precious paintwork as possible.

Without the restrictions of cabling, your installer will be able to simply position and fix your wireless alarms and detectors in convenient locations. This is quite straightforward and there will be no extra time needed for the installation of wires etc. Once fixed in place, you are ready to go!

Fitting a wireless fire alarm system at home is one of the most important safety steps you can take to protect your family and property. Because you can fix them almost anywhere, you can choose places which are less impractical or unsightly so keeping the aesthetics of your home intact.


Because you will not have the extra expense of running cables around your home, a wireless system can be a far more cost-effective option for protecting your premises. If in the future you decide to remodel your home or add an extension, then it is a simple job to add extra wireless fire protection equipment to your existing set up without too much extra expense.

In summary, for the careful home owner who want to protect their loved ones as well as their property from the risks of fire, a wireless fire detection system is a must. It is the next step in modern technology for fire safety and is also a very cost-effective choice for those with a limited budget.