CCTV Installation in London

With the advancement in modern technology today, just about anyone can buy and use a CCTV system for either home or business use. CCTV systems are now designed to be so lightweight, sleek and easy to operate that their use has migrated from protecting commercial properties to home-based residential use.

You can even get portable CCTV systems that can be hooked up and used to cover live events and one-off gatherings, such as outdoor concerts, rallies, sporting days and charity events. Anybody who is concerned about public safety or who is running a security service to cover an event can now make the best use of CCTV cameras to help them keep everyone safe.

Cost-effective business protection

CCTV camera technology has moved on so fast over recent years that having CCTV installed on your business premises is no longer seen as a luxury or an expensive extravagance. In fact, with crime rates escalating, especially in London, CCTV has become an accepted and necessary part of a business owners planned security system to help deter break-ins and criminal activities on their premises.

Luckily, DRAM Fire & Security can supply and fit the latest cutting-edge CCTV security system for your London-based commercial property. We can also do much more than any other Fire and Security firm. We will work closely with you to design your CCTV system to meet with your exact requirements, supply and install your system for you with the minimum of fuss and also provide our CCTV maintenance services to keep your system up and functioning at 100% at all times going into the future.

CCTV maintenance

Keeping your CCTV system in good working order is essential if you want your security equipment to keep your business premises safe and secure while you are on your property, as well as while you are absent. There is little point in having a CCTV system installed if it is not kept well maintained. This could lead to your system letting you down right when you need it most.

DRAM Fire & Security offer a superb choice of CCTV maintenance service options for you to choose from.  Every single CCTV system installation that we handle can be backed up by one of our comprehensive maintenance packages. You can choose from Bronze, Silver or Gold coverage to suit your needs, and our charges are very competitive when compared to other service providers.

Investing in a high-quality CCTV system and having it kept well maintained by fully qualified engineers will ensure that you get very effective round-the-clock protection, while your security equipment continues to meet with all current safety standards.

DRAM One-off call outs

While we would highly recommend that you take out our very cost-effective CCTV maintenance plans, we can also be relied upon to come out for one-off calls as and when you need us. Should you need one of our fully trained and qualified CCTV engineers to come out to you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can help to check and fix whatever issues you may be having with your CCTV system, or inspect your system and make recommendations for upgrades or replacement parts should you be moving to a new business premises that already has a CCTV installation present.