Secure your Business against Crime

None of us would welcome any criminal activity taking place at home, but neither would we want to put our small or medium sized business at risk of criminal damage either!

When you think about it, an average small or mediums sized business can have anything from twenty PC’s, laptops, tablets and smartphones stored on their premises. This is not including anything extra that may tempt an opportunist thief or hardened career criminals into targeting your business premises, such as cash kept in a safe, or sensitive personal and financial data that can be stolen for ID fraud. All of these valuable company assets are your responsibility to protect and keep out of the wrong hands in the best way that you can.

DRAM Fire & Security are specialists in helping to keep business premises safe from fire and theft. We would like to share our top tips for keeping your business premises as safe and secure as possible:

Install a high-quality Fire Alarm System

Modern fire alarm systems have evolved to sense the outbreak of fire at the earliest possible stages. Your fire safety system will trigger alarms to alert you to heat and smoke quickly, so that you can take the necessary action to limit and control the fire outbreak so that it causes the least possible damage to your business premises and reduces the risk to life for your employees, should they be present in your building when the fire breaks out.

Install an intruder alarm

These days, burglar alarms do much more than sound off when an intruder breaks into your property. In the old days a sturdy burglar alarm would act as a great visual deterrent for a would-be burglar. This is still the case today, but with modern intruder alarm technology, you can go a step further in protecting your building by combining their effectiveness with security lighting and CCTV cameras that can act to scare away prowlers before they have even caused any criminal damage to your property, such as smashing a window or forcing open a door to gain entry.

Motion sensor detectors and bright security lighting will protect any secluded doors or windows in your building that are more likely to be targeted by burglars or vandals wanting to break in to cause as much damage as possible to your premises.

Fit a CCTV system

The sight of CCTV cameras fixed around a business premises can often be enough of a deterrent to force a career criminal to discount your building and move on to target somewhere else. You can now benefit from very lightweight, ergonomically designed cameras to cover vulnerable areas around your building, such as dark passageways, rear entry doors that are hidden from view, and company car parks where staff and company vehicles are left unattended for many hours.

Contact DRAM Fire & Security for your needs

DRAM Fire & Security is your one-stop-shop for everything your business needs to keep it safe and secure around the clock. We can supply and fit everything you need to protect your business from the risks of fire, burglaries, vandalism and arson attempts.

Do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team today to discuss your business security and safety needs. We are here to help!