Fire Alarm Service

Fire alarm servicing should be a very high priority for business owners to ensure the ongoing safety of their business premises and for your staff that work there.

Many new business owners will be keen to install a good quality alarm system in their workplace not only to help protect their workers from harm but to also serve as an early alert to fire outbreaks that can be quickly contained and prevented from spreading and causing more damage.

However, it can easily slip your mind about keeping your fire alarm system serviced and in full working order. When you think about it, what would be the point of installing a cutting-edge and responsive file alarm system if it is not serviced on a regular basis.

Having faith in your fire alarm system

The whole point of having a fire protection system installed is so that you can rely on it alerting your employees of a fire risk and to allow them to quickly evacuate your building to safety. You can also sleep peacefully at night knowing that your fire alarm is functioning perfectly and that everything is under control at your work premises while you are not there.

This is far better than being left sleepless and stressed worrying about the risks associated with accidental fire outbreaks or deliberate arson caused by thieves and vandals to cover up their tracks. It is also better than waking to the news that your business premises has burnt to the ground during the night. This can be a real worry for business owners with premises that are located on isolated industrial estates or in remote areas where there is little chance of a passer-by raising the alarm.

Meeting current Fire Safety requirements

You may think that by installing the very latest state of the art fire protection equipment and alarm system that you will be fully covering your legal obligations with regard to current fire safety requirements. However, should you allow your fire alarm system to fall into a state of disrepair, or fail to repair it should it suffer some accidental damage, then you will be putting the safety of your business and your employees at great risk.

Should you be a victim of a serious fire outbreak and an inspection shows that your fire alarm system wasn’t functional, then your business insurance could be invalidated meaning that you may have to cover the full costs of your losses. This risk can be avoided by simply having regular, comprehensive and continual fire alarm servicing and testing by an experienced and reputable company such as DRAM Fire & Security.

Whether you are looking to have a brand new fire alarm system installed, or you need your existing fire alarm set up tested and serviced, you can rely on DRAM to get the job done for you quickly and efficiently so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your business premises is fully protected.

Contact our friendly team today to discuss your fire alarm servicing needs. We are here to help!