Commercial Burglar Alarms London

For London-based business owners, DRAM is their one-stop-shop for all of their security needs, including CCTV, security lighting, fire safety systems, equipment and maintenance, and burglar alarms.

Our security product ranges offer great flexibility, so we can plan, supply and install your burglar alarm system based on the needs of your business, and then continue to maintain your alarm system keeping your business premises safe and secure for many years to come.

Expert consultation

You can book a consultation with DRAM to discuss your needs and help you to meet with all of your business insurance cover requirements, which can often result in a lower cost policy. We can identify any risk areas or weaknesses that your premises may have and help you to address them to reduce the likelihood of break-ins and criminal damage.

Our fully trained and experienced security engineers will be able to design an intruder protection system to suit the layout of your building and fit with your business needs. Our experts can also make recommendations for extra security measures where they think it is necessary, such as external security lighting or CCTV cover for secluded doorways and other entry points.

Our commercial burglar alarms services can help to protect your business when occupied or unoccupied for complete peace of mind.

Because DRAM can offer you different types of intruder alarm systems, we can work out which would best suit your individual needs, whether that be for a system that can instantly alert you of an intruder on your premises so you can decide what action to take, or one that will automatically notify the police of a break in for a swift emergency response.

Upgrading your security system

It comes as no suspire to know that commercial properties in London are a particular favourite target for criminal activities such as burglary, vandalism and arson. Many London-based business owners are now realising that having one single line of defence against criminals isn’t enough to fend off their unwanted activities.

This is why it makes sense for you to combine your security measures to give your business premises more protection. This can be by combining a modern intruder alarm with a CCTV system, or teaming up your burglar alarm with a GuardCam system. GuardCam is an external security lighting system that uses a PIR floodlight with an inbuilt camera to capture footage from any intruders prowling around the exterior of your property.

GuardCam will:

  • Detects intruders
  • Floodlight the area
  • Captures 60,000 stills
  • 750 twenty second videos
  • Issues an audible warning

Leading security professionals strongly recommend that London-based business owners use an up to date burglar alarm system to protect their property. Our security systems do not cost a lot of money to plan, supply and install. The minimal costs of having a high-quality security system professionally installed and carefully maintained will be a drop in the ocean cost-wise when compared to paying for the clean up, repair and replacements needed after a serious burglary.