Burglar Alarms London

As many commercial business owners know, London is a high crime area, especially when concerned with commercial crimes such as breaking and entering, burglary and vandalism.

When you are operating a business in a commercial setting, whether that is within a warehouse, workshop or a large retail outlet, there are modern high-tech security solutions that you can take full advantage of to protect your business property from crime.

With choices ranging from basic burglar alarm systems that can cover all of your at-risk entry points, to full surveillance CCTV systems that are synced with you burglar alarm to deliver double protection for your business, if you need a commercial alarm system installation in London, with DRAM Fire & Security you can find the perfect solution to your commercial burglar alarm needs.

Increasing your security levels against rising crime

Many London-based commercial business owners will have either moved into their current premises and inherited an existing alarm system from the previous occupiers, or they will have had a new security alarm system installed to meet their needs.

However, if you are relying on an old or outdated burglar alarm system for your business, you may find that your security system isn’t doing an adequate job of keeping your business premises safe or actively deterring criminals from entering your property.

There have been lots of commercial property theft occurring where the burglar alarm didn’t sound due to it being faulty, incorrectly installed, or containing perished components that have deteriorated with age. In a lot of cases having a non-functional burglar alarm system can affect the business owner’s ability to claim for compensation from their business insurance cover.

While having good security locks on your doors and windows is an essential element to make breaking and entering your premises much more difficult, even the best security locks in the world are not going to prevent the most determined criminals from breaking in.

However, facing not only good security locks but also a comprehensive burglar alarm system to tackle can deliver far too much risk to a potential burglar that wants to get easy access and have undisturbed criminal activity inside of your commercial premises.

Commercial burglar alarm installation, London

It makes sense for any London-based business owner to look at upgrading or completely replacing their commercial burglar alarm system to ensure that they are fully protected. Commercial premises can be left very vulnerable for long periods of time, especially at night and at weekends when there are no staff present.

Criminal gangs that operate around London are well known for spending time carefully planning their activity and targeting vulnerable commercial premises. They will often case an area where they can perform more than one break-in during a single raid. This means that they will target a building with poor security measures and often break into the neighbouring properties on the same night.

You need to make sure that your commercial property has the strongest security measures with a fully working burglar alarm system that can act as a deterrent to criminal activity. Having a fully functional, cutting-edge security system in place will often make all the difference between your property being burgled or that of your neighbour with much poorer security in place.

Talk to DRAM Fire & Security about our range of commercial burglar alarms and video surveillance systems that will be suitable for your business use. Don’t leave the security of your commercial premises to chance – contact us today to discuss your needs.