Burglar Alarm Maintenance London

Do burglar alarms need servicing? This is a question that many people ask us at DRAM Fire & Security. Our response is 100% yes! Of course your burglar alarm needs to be well serviced and maintained to ensure it works correctly. Why would you have a burglar alarm that didn’t work? What would be the point?

These days burglar alarm installations are on the increase to add that extra level of security to your home or business premises, especially in a city such as London where both domestic and commercial property crime levels are on the increase.

Why do burglar alarms need servicing?

Your existing burglar alarm system will need regular care and attention to ensure that it will work as it should right when you need it most – in the event of a break-in on your premises. Regular servicing and maintenance of your burglar alarm will ensure that your home or commercial property will remain fully protected while you are absent.

Making sure that you book a regular schedule of alarm testing, servicing and maintenance will help you to prevent many common faults that can affect the efficiency of your alarm. Quite often environmental conditions can affect the internal circuits, components or sensors within your security system. Elements such as a build up of dust or being exposed to damp air or steam can cause your sensor sensitivity to drop of fail.

Accidental damage is often a common occurrence where alarm wiring or components are knocked, impacted or dislodged causing a break in the alarm network. These accidents are most common in commercial properties where workers can accidentally damage the system without realising it, or failing to report incidents to management.

We at DRAM often discover unreported or undiscovered damage to burglar alarm systems during one of our routine maintenance bookings. This can be a complete surprise to the business owner and they are glad that we have detected it and can easily and quickly remedy the fault to restore their alarm system to full working order once again.

Replacement parts and batteries

We understand that everyone leads a busy life and many people can forget to check their burglar alarms are in perfect working order. This involves testing the system and the checking and replacement of batteries and essential components that do wear out and will need replacing at some point.

This is especially important if you have an old burglar alarm installed in your home or business property. Like anything electronic, parts and components will degrade and perish over time so this can mean your old alarm system may need more regular maintenance than a modern equivalent with more sturdy and robust elements using the latest technology.

How Often Should Burglar Alarms Be Serviced?

Ideally, you should consider servicing your home burglar alarm at least once per year. For commercial property burglar alarms you may need more regular servicing and maintenance care, especially if your alarm consists of more than a simple ‘bells only’ system.

Also you may need more regular maintenance if your commercial alarm is exposed to harsh environmental elements that could negatively affect any of your alarm equipment.

It would be wise to consult with our friendly team at DRAM to discuss your burglar alarm maintenance needs. We are here to help!