Professional Burglar Alarm System for Business, London

Choosing the type of burglar alarm system for business in London will largely depend on where your business premises is situated, your budget, the layout of your business premises and the type of burglar alarm system you prefer to work with.

As far as your budget is concerned, costs can vary drastically between different types of alarm systems and will depend on whether you are looking for a simple bells-only burglar alarm for a very small business property, or if you want something more comprehensive that spans more than one floor and covers multiple building entry points.

You should also consider the aesthetic aspects for your alarm choice. For example, you can choose between a hard-wired or wireless alarm system. A wireless system may make more sense for business premises that have an image to maintain, such as for a well-decorated fashion retail shop where having alarm wires running along walls would be quite unsightly.

However, you still need to consider the value of having the visual deterrent aspect of a burglar alarm system for your business premises. Having a well positioned burglar alarm bell box on your shop front can put off a lot of opportunist thieves. Having a visible in-store alarm system and security cameras can also greatly reduce the risks associated with shoplifting, pickpocketing and smash and grab theft.

A professionally installed burglar alarm can certainly make your business property less desirable to would be thieves and vandals intent on causing as much destruction and criminal damage as possible.

Wired or wireless technology

When choosing between a wired or wireless burglar alarm system for your business, you have to consider that a wireless alarm system is the easiest to install, causes less cosmetic damage and disruption during installation, and is much quicker to install because there are no long lengths of cabling to run around your building walls.

Instead of having visually ugly hard cabling wires on display, a wireless alarm system operates via sensors communicating with your security control panel.

There is no denying that a wireless burglar alarm system looks nicer once it has been installed, plus there is the fact that should you decide to move business premises at some point in the future, a wireless alarm system can be easily dismantled and re-installed in your new business premises – although doing this will need your system to be reassessed to ensure it will provide your new premises with adequate protection.

To ensure that your burglar alarm system works efficiently and effectively you will need to ensure it is fitted by a professional company such as DRAM security. Based in London, we have over ten years experience and expertise in assessing, planning out, installing and maintaining the latest cutting-edge burglar alarm technology for our happy clients.

We are happy to consult with you to establish your needs, offer expert advice and make recommendations for a burglar alarm system for your business in London. Do not hesitate to contact our friendly team at DRAM today. We are here to help!