Reliable, Professional Burglar Alarm Maintenance in London

Burglar alarm repairs and maintenance isn’t the most interesting topic to read about for most people, but the subject is still a very important factor that you cannot afford to ignore, especially if you are relying on your burglar alarm to protect your home or business premises from the risks of theft and criminal damage.

Whether you are protecting your family home, or a small or large business premises, finding reliable and professional burglar alarm maintenance in London is essential if you want your burglar alarm system to do its job in the event of a break-in on your property.

The benefits of using DRAM Security services

When you are looking for a London-based alarm installer, you can trust DRAM Security to deliver for you. Each of our brand new burglar alarm installations can be backed up with a fully comprehensive ongoing maintenance package that is suitable for your individual needs.

Without regular maintenance, your run the risk of your burglar alarm becoming unusable. Even the most cutting-edge security equipment can suffer from deterioration over time. Just because you took the trouble to install a burglar alarm system at some point in the past doesn’t mean that it will instantly spring into action the moment your suffer from a break-in. There are no guarantees that your alarm will trigger and sound unless you know that it is well-maintained and remains fit for purpose.

For your own peace of mind it is wise to bring in fully qualified alarm system engineers that thoroughly check your system for faults at least once a year at the bare minimum. Depending on your circumstances you may need more frequent routine testing and maintenance, especially if you are running a business that produces a lot of elements that can affect the immediate environment and your burglar alarm system equipment, such as high heat production areas, environments that create a lot of dust, steam or particles that can negatively affect your equipment.

Meeting with current safety standards

Using DRAM Security burglar alarm maintenance in London will mean you can be rest assured that your alarm system will always be working properly and will meet with all current Health & Safety standards and requirements that could also affect your business insurance policy.

Regardless of whether you choose to use a hard-wired or wireless burglar alarm system, both types will still need to be adequately maintained over the long-term for you to remain in compliance with the terms and conditions set out in your business insurance policy. The last thing you want to happen is to find your burglar alarm system failing in the event of a break-in and then be unable to claim on your insurance because your security system wasn’t up to scratch or failed to alert you of the incident.

Working alarms are an effective deterrent

Another great reason for having your burglar alarm regularly maintained and tested is that the actual process of testing your alarm can act as a very strong deterrent for any would-be burglar that may be casing out your business premises as a potential target.

Many criminal gangs watch business premises for a while noting down activity patterns, weak spots in your security and vulnerable points of entry. An actively working burglar alarm can serve as a very effective deterrent to their plans and will cause them to forget you and move on to a much weaker target.