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There is nothing greater for your peace of mind than knowing you have installed a modern security system in your home or business premises. You will know that if anyone were to attempt a break-in that your system would immediately be triggered and this alone may even be enough to stop burglars in their tracks before they manage to steal anything.

Even so, it is always wise to be extra cautious. Wouldn’t it be better to deter a potential intruder completely rather than having to clean up and do damage repairs after a failed break-in? Lets take a look at some very cost-effective ways to keep your home or business property secure that could act to deter an opportunistic thief from even attempting a break-in.

Outdoor burglary prevention

Burglars usually target empty buildings and will often prowl around looking through windows and assessing the security of back doors or hidden entrances before deciding to break in. A simple solution would be to install some outdoor security lighting. This is a very cost-effective way to deter would-be-thieves out to do a bit of break and entering. There is nothing more off-putting to a potential burglar than to be bathed in bright, glaring lights for all to see! The idea is to position these around your building and aim the lights to startle the thug and scare him away before any damage can be done.

We have a fantastic range of security lighting available suitable for both residential and commercial property at great value for money prices.

You could take a look at your landscaping options too. This may work better for residential properties rather than commercial buildings where available ground may be limited. The idea here is to make it as difficult as possible for a potential thief to break in through your windows by placing very thick, prickly bushes underneath ground floor windows. This would certainly be off-putting for any thief. Planting them around the edges of your garden will also protect any valuable equipment you may keep outside too, such as tools kept in your garden shed.

CCTV security equipment is a fantastic option for protecting your property. Not only will the outdoor cameras act as a visual deterrent towards potential burglars, but the footage captured can help to identify them. Many criminals have been identified and caught by the police after a spate of neighbourhood break-ins because they have been captured on CCTV.

We have a fully comprehensive range of CCTV security cameras available to both residential and commercial properties. We also offer an installation and maintenance programme to ensure the smooth running of your security system. Plus as a DRAM Security customer, you can get a FREE dummy bell box with the DRAM logo when any CCTV system is installed. A highly visible alarm bell box is also a very effective deterrent against crime – what’s not to like!

Talking of burglar alarms, we also provide high quality wired and wireless alarm systems that are suitable for homes and businesses. You have the option here to install as bells only – this would quickly alert neighbours of problems and can help scare away intruders. We also offer a complete monitored service for 24 hour protection with our remote NSI Gold central station. You can find out more about our fire alarm installations here.