Fire Detection Equipment

Alarm InstallationWhen you think about it, we often treat our workplace as a second home. This isn’t hard when you consider how many hours we spend there, can it?

Just like when we spend time at home, we want to feel that we are are just as secure and relaxed at work. From a business owners point of view, you will have a more productive work environment when your workers feel safe and comfortable in their workplace. This is why it is important to have the right fire protection equipment in place to ensure safety for both your staff and your business premises.

Consideration for your fire safety

If you are responsible for the fire safety within the workplace then your level of fire protection equipment needs will depend of a few things. Firstly, your requirements will vary according to the age and type of building you are protecting. You will need to consider both your passive and active needs for fire security:

Passive fire protection: This applies to your building space so will include all access areas such as fire doors, corridors, windows, lifts and stairways. Remember that an extinguisher is needed every 200 m2 and a minimum of 1 fire extinguisher must be installed on every floor of your building.

Active fire protection: This covers all the fire equipment that you need to install in the workplace that is specific to the needs of the industry or type or work carried out on the premises. For example you will need fire extinguishers suitable for the risks posed within your environment, such as electrical fires, oil or chemical fires etc. You can see our range of fire extinguishers here. You will also need fire blankets for kitchen areas.

Installation of a fire detection system

Fire detection systems are essential by law in the workplace. It is especially important to check existing fire equipment when moving premises to make sure it is up to date and adequate to meet your needs. Failure to do so can leave the safety of your staff and premises at greater risk should the  worst happen. You may find that your insurance will be invalidated as a result through inadequate fire safety equipment leaving you unable to make a claim.

DRAM offer a comprehensive range of fire detection systems that can be conventional, addressable, wireless or monitored. If you are unsure of your needs then we would be more than happy to help and advise you about your requirements. We are able to work out and offer you a system suitable for your needs and you can be rest assured that all the equipment we supply and install meet or exceed current statutory fire safety requirements.

Emergency lighting and signs

You will need to have emergency lighting and warning signs in the workplace. Mains power is usually lost or shut down during a fire or emergency situation so it is essential that you have working fire exit signs and emergency lighting so people can safely escape the building. All staff should be drilled so they understand your fire evacuation policy. It must also be obvious to any visitors to your premises how they should evacuate with clear emergency signage.