Home Intruder Alarm

With London policing numbers being cut by the thousands over recent years coupled with a steep rise in national and local crime statistics,  a lot of homeowners are now spending sleepless nights worrying about the safety of their family and valuable possessions.

The safety and security of our family members will be our main priority, but so will be protecting our valuables – some of which will have a high sentimental value and can often be irreplaceable should they ever be stolen, damaged or destroyed during a break-in at your home.

As a leading UK home intruder alarm service provider, DRAM Fire & Security can help you to protect those things most precious to you.

We use the latest cutting-edge alarm technology and have many years of experience planning and setting up home security systems to deliver the protection you need.

Besides the obvious advantage of protecting your home against unwanted intruders, there are plenty of added benefits for installing a home security intruder alarm in your home. Here are just four top advantages to get you started:

1: Combined intruder and fire protection

You can talk to us about combining your home burglar alarm with a first-rate fire protection system for your home. A fire could break out at any time, whether you are at home or not and they can spread fast!

We can combine your home alarm system with smoke detectors that can alert you when a fire breaks out allowing you plenty of time to evacuate your loved ones from the house and call the emergency services quickly.

2: Cheaper home insurance rates

It makes sense to have home insurance to protect your home, but the costs of insuring your home are ever-increasing year on year. By installing a modern wireless intruder alarm you will be able to qualify for much more favourable insurance rates.

Insurance companies recognise how much extra protection a good burglar alarm can offer and how they have been proven to help reduce home break-in numbers, therefore reducing the number of insurance claims made.

3: Boosting your house sale price

If you are planning on selling your home, having a good intruder alarm installed will help your resale value. Houses in Neighbourhood Watch areas that have home burglar alarms tend to sell for more money than the same type of home in the local area without an alarm.

4: Lower stress levels

Worrying about the safety of your family and your home can cause sleepless nights and high anxiety levels. This is not good for your mental health.

It can be very reassuring to know that your home is being protected 24/7 by a cutting-edge intruder alarm, both at night while you are asleep or during the day while you are out at work. There is a great sense of freedom offered by installing a home burglar alarm that allows you to relax and enjoy your time out and about with your family knowing that your home is being protected.

With these great benefits to be had from having a home burglar alarm system fitted, there really is no reason for not investing in one!

Contact DRAM today to speak with our friendly team of security experts. We can discuss your needs and present you with your perfect home alarm system solution.