CCTV System to Protect your Business

There is no doubt that a commercial CCTV system can provide a whole range of beneficial advantages to your business because not only will your CCTV system protect your building from unwanted intruders, it can also safeguard your valuable business assets and any staff members working on your premises.

Let’s take a look at five top advantages of having a commercial CCTV system installed in your workplace:

1: A visual deterrent against opportunist criminals

While there are many highly sophisticated criminal gangs operating in big cities such as London that target business properties, there are also many thousands of random opportunistic break-ins that occur without much thought or planning.

In many cases, an opportunistic thief will break into business premises out of boredom, because they are drunk, or even have been put up to a dare by their friends. Many off the cuff break-ins happen with the thought of causing vandalism or arson rather than actually theft in mind.

If your business premises has a very obvious and highly-visible CCTV system installed, then these opportunistic criminals will automatically think twice before randomly targeting your business premises to carry out their fun.

2: Monitored activity

Opportunistic criminal activity aside, if you are worried that your business will be targeted by a criminal gang, then your CCTV system will be able to keep track of their activities while they go about casing your premises and looking for weak entry points.

Your camera system will also be constantly monitoring your main entry points so you can keep an eye on the safety of your staff and be alerted to any unauthorised visitors on your site.

3: Present vital evidence for prosecution

Should you be unfortunate enough to suffer a break-in at your premises, your CCTV recordings will be there to cover your back. You can use your footage as evidence to prove what criminal activities are carried out and help the police to identify the culprits and bring about a prosecution.

4: Staff and delivery monitoring

Keeping records of staff movements and deliveries coming in and out of your premises can be very valuable. This is especially helpful evidence to have should an accident occur on your premises that results in an injury to a staff member or damage to a vehicle, machinery or stock.

5: Solving workplace disputes

It is unfortunate when staff disputes arise in the workplace. Arguments can become heated, especially when one staff member is accusing another or doing, or not doing, something to cause a negative issue.

Your CCTV footage will be able to provide evidence of what actually happened and can help you to solve employee disputes or discover the reasons for any discord between staff.

There are plenty more good reasons to invest in a modern CCTV system to protect your business. Why not get in touch with our team at DRAM today to discuss your security camera needs. We are here to help!