Five Fire Safety Equipment Must-Haves

According to UK Government statistics, there was a net decrease in fire related deaths from 340 in 2009/2010 to 261 in 2016/2017. However, although the decrease in fire fatalities is good news, we At Dram Fire & Security still feel that these are 261 fire-related deaths too many.

Because fire is one of the leading causes of death and injury in this country, as well as causing untold damage to property and treasured possessions, it pays to invest in trustworthy fire safety equipment to protect your home or business premises.

Remember that fire can happen anytime. It may occur at home or at your workplace and can hurt anyone in close proximity. Fire can start accidentally, or sometimes they can be deliberate acts caused by malicious individuals or vandals. This is why more people are becoming concerned about making their homes and business properties safe from the threat of fire.

It is not only the risk to your life or health that you have to be concerned with. A house fire can be very traumatic, especially if it devastates your family home along with treasured possessions that may be impossible to replace, such as family heirlooms, family jewellery and photographs.

If you run a business, a fire at your workplace can be just as devastating. The impact on your income and finances can be very hefty, especially if your business insurance policy doesn’t cover the full extent of the cost of repairing the damage and replacing essential equipment.

There are many fire prevention steps you can take to protect your home and business, but above all else, Dram Fire & Security think that these are the five most essential pieces of fire safety equipment you can buy to drastically reduce or eliminate the risks of fire damage.

  1. Fire alarm system

This is probably the most important piece of fire safety equipment that you can buy. Your fire alarm system is there to give you an early warning about a fire breaking out within your home or business  premises. It gives you the best possible chance to safely evacuate your family members from your home and your employees from your business workspace.

  1. Fire extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers are convenient hand-held devices that you can have installed at home and within your workplace. These extinguishers are used to safely put out small fires that break out that can be easily managed before they spread and get out of hand.

  1. Fire Blankets

Fire blankets are useful for smothering and putting out kitchen fires. Fire blankets are made from strong fire-resistant materials that can extinguish cooking related fires.

  1. Smoke detectors

Smoke detectors can save lives, especially where people are at risk of being overcome by noxious fumes while they sleep. Smoke detectors will sound a loud alarm that can rouse sleeping family members to allow them to escape the home and call out the emergency services, often before a fire has had a chance to take serious hold.

  1. Fire equipment maintenance

Having your fire safety equipment regularly serviced and maintained is just as crucial as actually having the equipment in the first place.

What good is a fire alarm if it is faulty and doesn’t alert you when a fire breaks out?

What use are fire extinguishers if when you come to use them for a fire emergency, they are unusable because they are damaged, or the valves have ceased up making them useless.

What if your smoke alarms that you rely on keeping you safe while your are asleep have stopped working?

This is why having your equipment regularly serviced and updated or replaced regularly is essential if you wish to remain safe from the risks associated with fire.