High Quality Fire Safety Equipment

Many people want to invest in fire safety equipment to protect their home and family from the risk of fire, but a lot of people are put off because they think that it will cost a small fortune to have adequate fire safety equipment installed.

Here at Dram Fire & Security, we want to reassure our customers that not only can we supply you with the very latest in cutting-edge fire safety equipment for your home or business premises, but we can also guarantee that our equipment is of excellent quality.

High-quality fire safety equipment, including alarm systems, smoke and fire detectors don’t have to be hugely expensive. You just need to know which brands to trust in and which makes and models offer the best value for money.

Everyone wants to be able to get the maximum protection for their home or workplace, but sometimes their budget doesn’t allow for anything too extravagant. This is where we at Dram Fire & Security can help you. We are able to look at your fire safety needs and advise you about your individual requirements.

It may well be that you don’t need the most expensive ‘all singing and dancing’ fire alarm safety system. We will let you know exactly what you need to be covered for the most likely fire risks that could affect you. The fire protection equipment you need may be completely different from someone else just down the road from you. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach when it comes to fire safety.

Low-cost High quality products

Many people still don’t believe that you can get high-quality fire safety equipment for a very reasonable price. But if you take a look at what Dram Fire & Security offer, you will quickly see that we only offer you the most tried and trusted brands of equipment on the market.

It is our mission to continue to move forward and bring our customers the very best quality of fire safety products and services, as well as continue to regularly service and maintain your fire protection equipment to ensure it stays in perfect working order.

Fire Alarm Systems

When you need a fire alarm system installed, Dram Fire & Security are here to help. Not only can we come out and inspect your premises to establish what fire alarm system set up you need, we can also supply and fit your system with minimum fuss.

DRAM will then service your alarm system for you every six months to ensure it’s effectiveness. For business premises, we can schedule more frequent inspections according to the increased risk of fire breaking out on the premises. A service schedule can be worked out by conducting a fire risk assessment.

Whether you need fire protection equipment for your home or business premises, DRAM engineers carry the most up to date knowledge of the latest fire regulations and related training to ensure that your fire safety needs are met. We strive to provide a service that is set to not only reach regulatory requirements, but exceeds them.

With us you can have complete peace of mind that not only are you being supplied with high-quality yet affordable fire safety equipment, but you are also receiving the very best of care and maintenance.