Fire Alarm Service

DRAM Fire & Security London offers fire alarm installation and servicing across London and the surrounding areas. We help a great many leading London-based businesses comply with their Fire Safety & Electrical Compliance.

When you need fire alarm servicing and testing done, then give our friendly team at DRAM a call on 0800 161 3726 or 020 7206 2524 to book a service call out.

Whether you are wanting to test and service your existing fire alarm set up or you are looking to upgrade or replace an old fire protection system, we are here to help you.

Fire alarm servicing and testing

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 makes it a legal obligation for all business owners to ensure that their fire equipment is installed and maintained British quality standards.

British Standard BS5839-1:2013, states that the fire alarm should be serviced by a competent person at least every 6 months.

While you may have an in-house safety officer that can undertake regular fire alarm testing and perform staff fire drills, when it comes to servicing and long-term maintenance of your fire safety equipment, it would make sense to bring in professional assistance from DRAM to conduct a thorough inspection, testing and service of your equipment.

By working with DRAM you can have great peace of mind. Our fully trained and experienced electrical engineers will service your alarm system and replace any broken or worn out parts to ensure that your business meets with or exceeds government regulatory requirements for fire safety.

Business insurance expectations

Every business owner wants to keep its overheads as low as possible. This includes having the lowest business insurance premiums they can qualify for.

Part of your business insurance estimations will depend on the type, standard and functionality of your fire alarm installation. Showing that your fire alarm system is fully functioning, up to date to meet with current fire safety regulations and regularly serviced and maintained will help to keep your insurance premiums down.

What DRAM Fire & Safety provides

As a leading supplier, installer and maintenance service provider in London and the SW, DRAM provide business owners with an efficient and very cost-effective service.

We undertake the service and maintenance of all alarm system makes and models, and will be able to ensure that your fire safety equipment remains in perfect working order, reducing fire risks to your employees and visitors on your business premises.

Here’s what your fire alarm service includes:

  • Advice on operating and testing your system each week
  • Alarm system modifications and extensions
  • Battery testing, reporting and safety recommendations
  • Replacing parts for worn or damaged components and wiring
  • A thorough inspection and testing of all fire alarm equipment

Find out more about our fire alarm servicing and maintenance services

Whether you are moving to a new business premises and need an existing fire alarm system thoroughly inspected and tested, or you are looking to extend your current fire alarm system to cover a new building extension, or you have rearranged your working environment and need to ensure that your fire protection adequately covers your new workplace layout, we are here to help!

You can save yourself both time and money by working with DRAM to have all of your business fire safety system and equipment is tested and taken good care of.

Our services can cover you for:

  • Emergency lighting service
  • Fire alarm servicing
  • Fire extinguisher annual service
  • Fire risk assessments
  • Security systems and electrical compliance testing

Contact our friendly team at DRAM Fire & Safety today for your fire alarm servicing appointment. We are here to help your business stay in full compliance with all current fire safety regulations.