Burglar Alarm Installation

DRAM Fire & Security offer a wide range of alarm systems that are designed to keep your home or business premises safe and free from the threat of unwanted intruders.

You can choose from our range of wired or wireless burglar alarm systems and depending on your preference we can then work on designing an alarm system to suit your individual budget.

Commercial burglar alarm installation

Commercial business owners need protection from burglars and vandals not only because of the damage these unwanted intruders leave behind, but also to meet your business insurance requirements.

For our business customers, we can offer a range of traditional hard-wired or wireless alarm systems that use the latest technology and an optional 24/7 alarm monitoring service to help prevent your business from crime.

Wireless Burglar Alarms

A lot of business owners will prefer to have a wireless burglar alarm installed for the sake of good aesthetics. When you operate a retail business or a business where your décor and interior is important, such as a clothes shop, restaurant, museum or art gallery for example, then you may not want to have exposed alarm wiring running around the internal walls of your business.

Exposed alarm wiring can look unsightly and can cause some minor cosmetic damage to your décor. This can be an important element within listed buildings with historic significance where you need to avoid damage.

Long battery life

When you would prefer to have a wireless alarm system but you are worried about the upkeep and maintenance of the system, you don’t need to worry because our wireless alarm systems come with a long battery life.

This makes our wireless burglar alarm systems the preferred choice in buildings where cables are not easy to run for several reasons. You can be sure of an extended time of keeping your premises safe from intruders with our cutting-edge wireless systems.

Home burglar alarm systems London

DRAM Fire & Security don’t just deal with commercial business owners. We also offer our state-of-the-art burglar alarm system protection to residential customers in and around the London area.

Again, most of our residential customers prefer to have a wireless burglar alarm system installed simply because they create less cosmetic damage to your home décor as well being less intrusive and unsightly as alarms meant for commercial use.

We make sure that our residential customers get the very best service and longevity from our alarm systems. This is why we recommend that you take out a regular burglar alarm maintenance service from DRAM to get the same high-quality attention that our commercial customers receive.

For more information about our burglar alarm installation services, contact us today and we will be happy to answer any questions you have about our services.