Fire Alarm Companies London

Choosing a good Fire Alarm Company in London can seem like a difficult task, especially if you have never had to install a new fire alarm, or be responsible for the long-term maintenance of an existing fire safety system either at your workplace or within your own home.

What you need to know is that within the UK, there are no rules against anyone setting up a business to sell fire safety equipment, or even offer their services for their installation. This is why when you do a quick Google search for a fire alarm companies in London, your search results will turn up lots of options, from a simple one-man operation to very large nationwide companies that have offices in most major cities across the country.

To find a competent company to undertake your fire safety system installation, service and maintenance needs, you need to dig a little big deeper than simply reading their sales pitch.

What you need to look for is proof that the company has fully qualified and experienced staff that have proven tests of competency in the field of fire safety protection services.

For example, DRAM Fire & Safety has a long and proven record for providing customers across London and surrounding areas with a bespoke service to suit the individual needs of our customers. We also have many years of experience with dealing with all types of fire safety system installations for retail, commercial, industrial and private customers.

Customer recommendations

A very good way of checking out a fire safety company is to look at their recommendations from real customers who have used their services and are satisfied with the delivery and attention to detail they received.

For example, DRAM Fire & Safety can be found registered at and with 100% positive feedback. Of course, the best form of recommendation is from someone you personally know, or even going to take a look at a fire safety system set up that would be similar to what you are looking for.

Valuable working experience

When looking for a competent fire alarm company, one factor that you must consider is how much experience do the company have in the field. This also extends to whether the company employs fire alarm installation engineers with specialist knowledge of modern alarm systems, and if they place newly qualified engineers alongside more experienced staff members to gain valuable experience and knowledge while on the job – all of which DRAM does very well.

When conducting these basic steps to narrow down your search to find a very good and reliable fire alarm company, you should be left with a very short list of possible companies.

Now you need to look at how the companies work out their quotes and their pricing structure. Remember that going for the cheapest price is often not always the best decision. Also, don’t be fooled by false quotes that sound too good to be true. Quite often a company will give you a quote for a job, but there will be some hidden extras that are not covered by their quote, so you could find yourself with an extra surprise bill further down the line for supplies or materials that where not included on the original quote.

You should also check to make sure that the fire alarm equipment that you are being supplied with is brand new. The alarm system should be the latest model and not an old, outdated model that finding parts for could prove difficult in the future to keep it maintained.

This is why it is important to take your time to choose a reliable and proven fire alarm company, such as DRAM Fire & Safety, that you can trust to deliver a top-notch service with honest quotes and excellent customer service and support.