Fire Alarm Installation London

When it comes to choosing a new fire alarm installation in your commercial property, DRAM recommends considering having a wireless fire alarm installed, especially for those in the hotel trade.

We have seen a continued increase in the popularity of wireless fire alarms and this is mainly down to the fact that with a wireless system, they are much easier to install than a traditional hard-wired alarm system, plus they leave much more aesthetically pleasing results for the premises once installed.

Cost-effective wireless solution

Contrary to popular belief, a wireless fire alarm installation in London doesn’t have to cost you the earth. Many hotel owners still think that because wireless technology is so new that is will cost more to install than having a more traditional hard-wired fire alarm set up for their premises.

Yes, wireless technology is at the cutting edge of fire alarm design, but it can actually work out to be far more cost-effective than choosing a wired option, especially if you have  considerably large hotel to protect and cover with a fire alarm.

What you have to consider is that a traditional hard-wired fire alarm system is going to be far more challenging to install, so will therefore be more labour intensive and costly than having a wireless alarm set up. Secondly, don’t forget about the costs of cabling that you need to add onto the price of your installation. Cabling costs can soon rack-up, especially where you have large rooms or expansive areas to run cabling around. With a wireless fire alarm, you do away with the need for expensive cabling – so can actually work out cheaper for the cost-conscious hotel owner.

Impact on your hotel guests

You know yourself that when you go to stay in a luxury hotel, you expect a certain level of pleasing décor where the furnishings and decorations is finished off to a high degree. Some very beautiful wall decorations, cornicing and plasterwork can have their edge taken off where fire alarm wiring is clearly on display. You can really enhance the hotel decorations by keeping the cabling to an absolute minimum and investing in a wireless alarm system instead.

We at DRAM Fire & Security understand that not every business or home will need the exact same fire alarm installation in London. Where some property owners may be perfectly happy to have a traditional hard-wired fire alarm system installed, there will be others where this wouldn’t be at all desirable, especially for well-decorated hotels where your image and décor are very important factors for your business.

Our modern state-of-the-art wireless fire alarm systems are the perfect solution for a busy hotel environment where you need to have the ultimate protection of a fire safety system, but without the need for ugly and intrusive hard wiring to be permanently on display.

When you need a fire alarm installation where aesthetics are important, find out how DRAM can make your installation so much easier, quicker and effective with our wireless fire alarm systems.