DRAM Security Lighting!

Twin Security LightDon’t you get fed up when all the clocks change forward and backwards in the UK each year? What makes it even worse is when it changes to give us an extra hours’ darkness during the already too-short days of winter. But what does this mean for your home or business when the darkness prevails? You have to ask yourself if your home or business premises is adequately well-lit during those many hours of darkness.

It is no secret that most break-ins and theft from property happen at night or when darkness can be used to hide criminal activities. Professional burglars will nearly always plan their attack for the dark hours and opportunist thieves will most definitely take advantage of a vulnerable property bathed in darkness to take their chances. The only advantage you could have over these criminals is to either never sleep and be on patrol 24/7 to protect your property, or to ensure that you have adequate security lighting fitted around your property.

There is absolutely no doubt that for either private residential or commercial properties, security lighting has some outstanding advantages:

Added sense of security

Having security lighting fitted around your home can help you to feel safe. When you have clear visibility of what is happening in your back garden, or to the front of your property where your car may sit on a drive, can give you great peace of mind late at night when prowlers are about. In-built motion sensors can trigger your security lights as soon as they sense any movement within a certain range.

Even when you are away from home you can feel secure in the knowledge that your home will remain safe because your security lighting will always give the impression to any want-to-be-thief that there is someone at home. DRAM Fire & Security offer the latest in cutting-edge technology security lighting giving you dusk till dawn protection.

For business owners too, having well-lit premises can help greatly to make your employees feel safe and secure, especially around areas such as car parks and hidden entrances where they may need to be walking alone in the dark after work.

Criminal Deterrent

Even the mere sight of some professional fitted security lighting around a building can be enough to deter a potential criminal from targeting your home or business premises. They know all too well that targeting your property will focus a spotlight on them and highlight their intentions. This is why it is sensible to place security lighting over potential entry points to your house or business premises thereby making potential burglars visible to your neighbours, which acts as a big deterrent to thieves.

Why not take a look at our comprehensive range of security lighting. If you are unsure about your lighting needs we would be happy to discuss your requirements with you to find the best solution for your type of premises and budget.