Fire Alarm Servicing And Maintenance

Business owners are very busy people. There is no denying this fact. However, business owners also have a responsibility to keep safe their employees and anyone else that visits or spends time on their business premises. While it can be understandable that things may slip your mind, some things are more important than others – such as the servicing and maintenance of your fire alarm system – that could negatively affect your business and put people’s lives at risk should anything go wrong.

When you are faced with juggling numerous business responsibilities, it is crucial that your get your priorities in order and ensure that your Health & Safety responsibilities are prioritised right at the top of your list. Failing to ensure that your fire protection system is in good working order can seriously jeopardize your business operation and put people’s lives at risk.

How important is your fire alarm?

When asked this question a typical business owner may immediately think that by installing a cutting-edge, modern fire alarm system and fitting their premises with fire protection equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire blankets will be enough to see them through a good few years of operation.

But you also need to ask yourself ‘how do you know your fire alarms are working unless there is a need to use them?’ There is only one way to be sure that your fire alarms are fully functional and that is to ensure you set up a regular servicing and maintenance schedule with a professional fire safety company such as DRAM Fire & Security.

We don’t need to spell out the potential dangers to you should you let your fire alarm servicing and maintenance lapse. The results of suffering from a fire and your fire alarm system failing can be catastrophic and very devastating to your business, especially if there is a risk to the health or life of anyone on your business premises at the time of the fire outbreak.

Mandatory fire safety precautions

While you are required by current Fire Safety and Health & Safety laws to ensure that your employees and other building users are protected from the risks of fire, keeping your fire safety system well maintained is vital if you are going to keep your business compliant with current legislation.

As DRAM Fire & Security is a specialist company that deals on a day to day basis with fire alarm servicing and long-term maintenance for many of London’s major companies, you can trust us to take good care of your fire alarm maintenance and servicing needs. We will ensure that your business will remain in full compliance with all current fire safety requirements to give you great peace of mind.

Our comprehensive fire alarm system service and maintenance services cover all aspects of fire safety, including thorough testing, servicing and replacement of missing, worn or damaged components to ensure that your current fire alarm system remains in full working order.

Contact our friendly team of fire safety experts today to discuss your fire alarm service needs.