Fir Alarm Monitoring

Why should I consider fire alarm monitoring for my business premises?

Fire Alarm MonitoringThousands of active businesses across London have working fire alarm systems installed on their premises to help give an early warning of a fire outbreak. The purpose of fire detection and warning systems is to alert your occupants of danger and allow for the swift evacuation of your staff and customers to safety.

During your regular working hours the activation of your fire alarm will effectively alert everyone within your premises. Quite often a small fire outbreak can be extinguished on site by using the appropriate fire extinguishers or fire safety equipment available, or the fire service can be called out to help. If your work environment is considered as ‘high-risk’ then the fire service will be aware and will respond automatically to a call.

For a lower risk site where there is less likelihood of a fire breaking out, the local fire service will need a confirmation of the fire before attending. This is fine during your normal working hours where you will have personnel on site who may be able to take appropriate actions to contain and extinguish the fire safely, or manually call the fire service for assistance if needed. But what if a fire broke out outside of normal working hours? What would happen then?

The benefits of a monitored alarm system

Let us imagine that you currently have an up-to-date fire alarm system installed that meets with all your regulatory requirements. You may even play it safe by ensuring that your fire safety equipment is regularly maintained and tested to ensure that it is in constant good working order. However, your system is not monitored and your premises are locked up for the night, over the weekend, and sometimes for even longer stretches such as bank holidays and Christmas.

Should a fire break out during all those long hours or days and nights while completely unoccupied, your alarm system will still trigger and sound off your bells or sirens, but with absolutely no one around to take any action, how much fire damage do you think will be done to your property? It may be far too late to do anything about it by the time some passer by notices the plumes of smoke or fire in the sky and alerts the authorities.

But there is an easy and cost-effective way of protecting your business premises, especially when unoccupied. Fire Alarm Monitoring connects your automatic fire detection system to an alarm receiving centre. The emergency fire service will be alerted and called out within seconds of a heat or smoke detector triggering an alarm on your premises.

A monitored alarm system can make all the difference between keeping your business premises safe 24/7 or turning up for work one morning to find your business has gone up in smoke. The impact of losing everything you own within the building along with your livelihood is going to be far greater than the relatively small cost of a monitored alarm system.

With a monitored system, should the worst happen, then you would more likely be faced with a little disruption while you performed a clean up and some minor repairs to your premises. This is a far better situation to be in than not having a monitored system in place and losing absolutely everything.