Fire alarm Monitoring

Fire Monitoring SystemMost business owners will want to have some sort of fire alarm system fitted within their premises, but beyond having a fire alarm in each section, many people don’t think much past this step. Depending on the size of the building you want to cover, it is important to make sure that you have an effective alarm system in place that will network the whole premises, and not just single alarms for each room.

By having a networked alarm system you can give an early warning alert to your whole building simultaneously. This can help greatly when you need to safely evacuate the building without leaving anyone inside unaware of the potential dangers posed by a fire in another part of the building.

Having a comprehensive alarm system installed is an essential and effective way to protect your premises from a fire. However, what happens if a fire starts during the hours it is unoccupied?

Having a ‘bells only” fire alarm system will only ever warn the occupants within the building or those in close proximity at the time of the fire. If you have a commercial property that is located on an industrial estate sited far from urban areas, the chances are it will be left unoccupied overnight or at weekends. Relying on passers-by to alert the emergency services cannot be counted on in this situation.

This is where efficient fire alarm monitoring services come in. For less than £1.00 a day DRAM can monitor your fire alarm system, not just overnight or at weekends, but 24 hours a day. Leaving your building security to chance is very risky and can be very costly – just think of all the valuable equipment that you would have to replace in the event of a fire that was left unreported. We are sure it would cost you far more financially to replace everything than our fire alarm monitoring service costs, let alone the lost revenue from delays and downtime while you conduct your clean-up operations.

Here at DRAM, we never underestimate the value and importance you place on your property and your livelihood. This is why we recommend that you have your alarm system securely monitored, especially during out of hours times where your building is unoccupied.

DRAM monitoring service includes:

  • Customers help-desk support and false activation abort
  • Fault reporting trail
  • Liaison with appointed key holders
  • Open and close activity audit trail
  • Requesting Fire Brigade response to confirmed activations
  • The option of key holder ‘Lone worker’ protection service

How does alarm monitoring work?

We can monitor your alarm system by fitting a communicator to a standard (PSTN) telephone line on site , or a GSM (Global System for Mobile) or GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) signalling mobile network. Should your alarm be triggered the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) will receive notification immediately and a live operative will alert the property owner, key holder and emergency services (if confirmed) without delay.

We understand that time is of the essence when there is a risk of a fire outbreak at your premises. Having an active alarm monitoring service looking after your business premises 24/7 can give you great peace of mind about the security of your building as well as the safety of any occupants.