Wireless Fire Alarms

Wireless technology has revolutionised our use of many electronic tools and gadgets, so it will come as no surprise to find that wireless fire alarms are now seen as the preferred option for fire safety in many homes and businesses across the UK today.

Wireless fire alarm advantages

An obvious good use of a wireless fire alarm system would be within a listed building or a premises with some precious architectural or decorative features. Having a wireless system means there will be less need for hard wiring to be installed around the building, therefore causing no damage to the internal decoration. Plus there will be no unsightly wires on display that would clash or interfere with period features.

For modern buildings that are constructed using lightweight and flexible materials, it can be difficult or even impossible to install a traditional wired fire alarm system. Many new buildings are no designed to be multi-use premises with moveable walls, making it even more difficult to install a wired fire alarm system.

Purpose built premises that are used as leisure and entertainment complexes will often house temporary art installations, music concerts, sporting events and exhibitions that would need very different fire alarm requirements. For places like these it would be very impractical to have a wired fire alarm system.

Commercial premises

You may think that more permanent and functional commercial premises such as hotels and restaurants would be more suitable for a wired system. Of course, this is fine to have and is a very practical option for when the building is being refurbished during a new takeover, or when the building is being re-purposed from one function to a new one. However, should you be taking over or running an existing business that needs a fire alarm upgrade, it can be very disruptive to carry out installation work while operating at full capacity.

This is why choosing a wireless fire alarm system can be a better option for you. The building can carry on being fully operational while you expand your fire-safety system with more detectors and alarms points without causing any interruption or disturbance to your guests or customers.

It can be the same with office buildings too. These days many office buildings have multiple uses that constantly change over time. With a lot of office space now being used 24/7, wireless technology has made it possible for you to stay on top of your fire-safety commitments without having to disturb the workplace and the productivity flow.

The beauty of using wireless systems is that the fire and smoke detectors are easy to move around and retrofit. As the fire-safety needs of the office environment changes, you can adapt your wireless fire alarm system to perfectly meet your needs.

With modern mesh networking fire alarm systems, the fire detectors connect to each other and use different frequencies to communicate on different bandwidths. This is helpful because an alarm can be triggered and transmitted via several different pathways on a wireless loop. Using a mesh network like this means should one pathway be interrupted, the sensor can use an alternate pathway to connect to the loop to raise the alarm.