Fire alarms types?

Fire DetectionYou want to keep your family safe, right? But when it comes to fitting your home with a new fire alarm it can be a little confusing to know exactly what to get because there are a number of different types to choose from. Hopefully we can help you to decide with our explanation of the differences between the models we have on offer.

So what are the difference between the models?

Basically, for a majority of home owner there are two types of alarm systems to choose from, both have their own uses and benefits: A conventional alarm system, or a wireless alarm system. These two options are by far the most popular choice for family home owners in the UK. We also offer addressable fire alarm systems as well as monitored systems, but these two options tend to be better suited for business use or for multiple-occupancy premises. However, you should talk to us if you think your fire alarm needs are a bit more complex. Our team of fire safety experts will be happy to discuss your needs with you.

Conventional Fire Alarms

Conventional fire alarm systems are ideal for residential clients looking for fire protection for their homes. These are also the most cost-effect option open to anyone looking to protect their home from fire and smoke damage.

These systems are used as an early warning to alert family members or residents of a fire breaking out on the premises. The system is triggered allowing for the quick and safe evacuation of everyone from the home.

You can position fire detectors in specific places throughout your home and have a mixture of smoke detectors and heat sensors that once triggered can activate the alarm. Heat sensors will be triggered when the room temperature raises above a certain level, and smoke sensors will trigger when they sense the presence of smoke particles in the air.

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Here at DRAM Fire & Security, we understand that not everyone will want to have a hard wired fire alarm system on show in their own home. Even with today’s modern sleek designs, it is hard for alarm systems to go completely unnoticed and many home owners do not want their décor to be spoilt by unsightly alarm wiring running around the rooms of their home.  This is especially true if you live in a listed property where this would not be at all desirable and where you may be subject to strict limitation about drilling holes in walls or the risk of damage to period fixtures and fittings.

This is where our state-of-the-art, modern and discreet wireless fire alarm system comes into play. You can have the complete safety and protection of a fully-equipped fire alarm system in your home without the need for intrusive and unattractive wiring to be installed. We can set up your wireless system with no mess and no fuss!

Our team of highly-skilled fire safety engineers will install a fire alarm system that is perfectly tailored to suit your needs, regardless of how small or large your home. We have a solution to fit every budget.

You can trust DRAM Fire & Security as we are specialist installers of many large-scale and detailed systems across all sectors, business, industrial and domestic, including schools, hospitals, care homes and residential customers.