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Fire SystemsIt has been distressing to read in recent reports by fire investigators that most children sleep through smoke alarms. Researchers have concluded that most smoke alarm tones are ineffective at waking slumbering children, putting them at greater risk of perishing in a fire.

Researchers are now calling for more smoke alarms to be replaced with ones that emit lower tones combined with a woman’s voice rather than ones using a high-pitched buzzing tone.

In an interview on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, a fire investigator from Derbyshire fire and rescue service advised that parents should go and fetch their children and make sure they wake up should smoke alarms sound.

Over 500 volunteer families across the UK are being invited to take part in a study testing out new fire alarm sounds following the research that showed that more than 80% of children aged between two and 13 did not respond to a traditional smoke alarm when it was sounding.

The research was carried out by Dundee’s centre for anatomy and human identification, which repeatedly exposed sleeping children aged between two and 13 to the sound of industry-standard smoke detectors inside their homes. It was discovered that a lower frequency sound combined with a voice, generally a female voice, was much more effective at waking children up.

It has also been revealed that the number of lives lost due to fires has fallen by half since home use of smoke alarms became widespread. Smoke alarms remain a valuable part of protecting against the dangers of fire, but there is more that can be done.

A lot more lives could be saved by the use of more fire safety equipment in the home taking the level of protection to a higher grade similar to what is used in business and commercial premises. For example combining the use of smoke alarms and heat sensors with a loud fire alarm bell that would be triggered as an extra layer of protection and awaking all residents within the home.

Homeowners who are concerned about the safety of their immediate family and want to install a new fire protection system or upgrade their existing one should consider having one of our conventional or wireless fire alarm systems installed within their home.

Conventional Fire Alarms

Ideal for domestic use, DRAM Fire & Security can offer you a cost-effective solution that serves as an early warning system to an emergency, and alerts family members quickly for a smooth evacuation. Fire detectors can be located at specific points throughout a home. Once activated, the alarm sounds allowing you and your family to escape the building before the fire has progressed too far and immediately alerting your neighbours to the danger.

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

We understand that not every home owner may want a hard wired fire alarm system in their home.

This is why we also offer modern wireless systems that provide automatic smoke and fire detection services without the need for intrusive and unattractive wiring to be installed.

No matter what your fire safety security needs, contact our friendly customer service team today and let us help you find your perfect system.