Fire alarm system can save your life

Break GlassThe headlines have been full of stories about domestic appliances catching on fire over the past couple of years. Such was the concern about the frequency and number of fires making the news that Which? conducted an investigation only to find that thousands of faulty home appliances have caught fire. Which? submitted a Freedom of Information request to government that showed nearly 12,000 fires were caused by faulty home products between 2011 and March 2014.

On the whole it seems that there is a higher risk of faulty washing machines and tumble dryers catching fire rather than TVs or irons. Also high on the list were items from leading brands such as  Hoover washing machines and Hotpoint dishwashers with a staggering 175 Hoover washing machines catching fire between January 2011 and March 2014 – 12% of the number of fires recorded for washing machines overall. Beko recalled around 480,000 of its fridge freezers after it was established that they contained a faulty component – but not before one of its fridge freezers started the blaze that caused the death of a customer in November 2011.

When was the last time you checked your smoke alarms?

If the above information isn’t enough alone to make you want to run and check your smoke alarms, another perfect example of the importance of having a good fire alarm system installed in your home was reported recently. A family of four were lucky to escape their home after their smoke alarms went off during the night.

Firefighters from Caversham Road Fire Station in Berkshire arrived at the family home after a tumble dryer caught on fire in the ground floor utility room at the back of the house. Although the bulk of the fire was contained to the utility area, the whole room was damaged by fire and heat while the whole house suffered smoke damage.

The four family members managed to evacuate the property safely due to the smoke alarms being activated. Although the fire was accidental, fire officials warn families not to leave their tumble dryers on when they go to bed at night.

Here at DRAM Fire & Security, we take your personal fire safety very seriously. This is why we recommend that for the protection of your family and also to limit the damage caused by fire to your property, you should consider installing or upgrading your fire alarm equipment.

Conventional Fire Alarms

Ideal for domestic use. DRAM Fire & Security can offer you a cost-effective solution that serves as an early warning system to an emergency, and alerts family members quickly for a smooth evacuation.

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

We understand that a hard wired fire alarm system may not be possible in every type of home, so this is a fantastic solution for when you want the full protection of a fire alarm system but without having your home décor spoilt or unattractive wiring on display.

Our team of highly-skilled fire safety engineers will install a system that is perfectly tailored to your needs, regardless of how small or large the job. No matter what your fire safety security needs, contact our friendly customer service team today and let us help you find your perfect system.