Security Lighting

Security lighting can be a cheap and easy way of deterring would be criminals from your property. In past years, many businesses and families would install big, bright, glare-creating globe lights, or randomly-placed flood lights to prevent criminals from sneaking up on them at night. The key to successful security lighting is strategically placing and aiming the flood lights or spot lights where they will startle and at least temporarily blind an intruder, while also alerting you, your neighbours and passersby to their activity.

We have a range of security lighting to suit your property;

  • Simple 500 watt lights
  • LED maintenance free lights
  • Dawn to Disk Lighting
  • NightHawk Lights


This is the latest in the GuardCam Range. The halogen lamp has been replaced with a LED light which is cheaper to run and the lamp will last for at least 40,000 hours. It is a PIR floodlight which has a built in camera.

  • Detects intruders
  • Floodlight the area
  • 750 twenty second videos
  • Issues an audible warning
  • Supplied with SD card
  • LED version

***FREE added security – Receive a free dummy bell box with the DRAM logo when any CCTV system is installed.***